How do I share articles?

There are several ways to share an article via DeepDyve.

Share full text via email

On the top of most articles that are part of the DeepDyve collection is a link that allows you to share the full text of the article for free:

This link gives up to five people who aren't platform users short term access (five days) to read the text of the article. Just enter their email addresses and they will receive an email with a link to the article:

Share via Slack or Microsoft Teams

If you have an enterprise account, then you can share a link to the article on Slack or Microsoft Teams. Only people who have accounts on the platform will be able to read the full text. Click the service you want to share on, sign in to connect it, and select the channel to share a link.

Share via social or email

On the bar just above the article, click the "Social" link to share a link to the article on Facebook, Twitter, or via email:

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