Creating and sharing folders

Folders offer a great way for you to organize your DeepDyve research articles. Unlike many folder systems, with DeepDyve it's very easy to put articles into multiple folders. This makes it possible for you to use folders not just to sort and manage, but also to set up workflows for your research.

Setting up individual folders

To set up a new folder, visit the My Folders section of My Library:

In “My Folders” you can create a new folder by clicking  “+ New Folder”, naming it, and clicking the "+" button:

You can also delete, edit, and move folders from this screen. When you open a folder you can remove articles from that folder, or move/copy them to another folder. 

Setting up sub-folders

To set up a sub-folder, simply navigate to the folder you want and click the “+ New Folder” button as above. This will create a sub-folder within the folder you have opened.

Setting up shared folders

If you are using the Enterprise Platform, you can invite colleagues to view and add/remove articles from a folder by going into the folder and clicking “Convert to Shared Folder”:

You'll now see a button that says "Invite". Click this and enter the email addresses of people you'd like to share with. Note that you will only be able to share a folder with people who are also part of your Enterprise platform plan:

From this dialog you can also see and manage who is sharing the folder. Folders you share and folders that have been shared with you will be viewable in “Shared Folders” on the left side of the main page. Only you will be able to delete folders you have created; you cannot delete folders that have been shared with you.

Shared folders display a unique folder icon:

... and collaborators are identified at the top of the folder:

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