DeepDyve For Enterprises

If you have several researchers in your organization who need regular access to journal research, check out our DeepDyve Enterprise plans. For about the cost of purchasing one article per month, your team gets access to 30 million articles from 15,000 academic journals—plus tools to help your team discover, organize, and collaborate on research, too.

  • Do you have trouble figuring out where your purchased PDFs are and what's in them? With DeepDyve Enterprise you can put all those files in the cloud. They'll show up alongside other search results and can be downloaded and annotated with our enhanced reader.
  • Shared folders let you set up powerful workflows so you can organize how your team reviews and manages literature.
  • Mark up article right in the browser as easily as writing on a piece of paper. Share annotations with your team.
  • No more individual expense reports for purchased PDFs-- purchase from DeepDyve with one click and get centralized billing and invoicing.
  • Share links to articles on Slack or Microsoft Teams, right from the article page

To learn more, check out our enterprise plans page at

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