Using the Research Archive

The DeepDyve Research Archive (available with our Enterprise Plans) is an online repository of PDFs that your team has purchased—even before signing up with DeepDyve. You supply us with your purchased PDFs, and they are available for review, reading, download, and annotation by anyone on your team, right in the browser.

Getting starting with the Research Archive

The first thing you need to use the Research Archive is an enterprise account. Don't have one? Contact us! For enterprise users, you can simply give a file of your PDFs to your DeepDyve account manager. We will load them, pull the metadata, and make them available to you all users in your DeepDyve account. The articles you upload will be available to your users only; no other DeepDyve users will have access to them.

Adding new articles to the Research Archive

  1. When you purchase PDFs from a DeepDyve partner, they will show up automatically in your Research Archive. 
  2. If you purchase from a publisher with whom we don't have a relationship, we will need to use a document delivery service to get the article for us. This could mean that the articles don't appear in your Research Archive for several hours or up to a day.
  3. If you acquire articles from other sources, supply them to your account manager and we'll get them loaded up for you.

Viewing your Research Archive

To see articles in your Research Archive, you can just search using the top search bar. Articles from the archive will show up at the top of results:

You can also go directly to your Research Archive by hitting the link under the search bar or at the bottom of the My Library side bar:

Once in the Research Archive you can search for particular articles, download them, or open them for reading in our enhanced reader. Articles can be put in folders and annotated like any other DeepDyve articles.

Downloading articles from the Research Archive

Article PDFs that have been uploaded to your Research Archive or purchased by your team through DeepDyve can be downloaded at no cost:

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