Setting Up Document Delivery For Enterprise

With an enterprise account, DeepDyve users can purchase any article with a couple of clicks and enjoy centralized billing and invoicing. The account admin can choose to set up document delivery in several different ways:

Option 1: Limited individual purchase

If the account admin sets up nothing, then article purchase functions much like it does for individual accounts. Users can purchase articles only from our publisher partners, and they have to enter a credit card or PayPal info for each purchase. Other articles can be purchas will still need to be purchased from the publisher site; for these you'll see a "Get PDF From Publisher" button.

Option 2: Enterprise document delivery

The account admin can also choose to set up a document delivery system. In this setup, when users click the "download" button they will see a popup advising them that their company will be paying for the article, and all they need to do to complete the purchase is click to confirm. The admin can set up up document delivery only from existing partners, like Springer, Wiley, or Taylor and Francis, or full document delivery of any available article.

Articles purchased from partner publishers

If the purchased article is from one of our existing partners the article will be emailed to the user who made the purchase. The enterprise account will receive a quarterly invoice listing all the purchased articles.

Articles purchased from outside publishers

In the case of articles from publishers that aren't part of our network, we partner with a third party to provide the articles to our users. If the account admin would like users to be able to purchase these articles, DeepDyve will work with them to set up credentials with this third party. Users will see a popup letting them know that our third party partner will be fulfilling the order and that their company is paying for it. The purchaser will get an email that contains a link to download the article. This third party will issue a monthly invoice directly to your company for purchases made through them.

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