Article Tagging

Article tagging is another way, in addition to our personal and shareable folders, to organize your research.

Tags are currently shown and organized via the article page. For a video overview, see below:

Adding tags to an article

To add tags to an article, open up the article for viewing. Under the title you'll see "Organize your reading with Tags". To add tags to the article, click "New Tag".

Use the pulldown to see existing tags, or start typing the tag that you want. If you don't see the tag you want and want to create a new one, click that option. Click "Close" to finish editing.

Editing and removing article tags

To add more tags to an article, click the "Edit Tags" button. To remove existing tags, click the "x" next to each tag.

To see other articles that use the same tag, click the tag. A list of tagged articles will appear in the window. Click on an article to go there.

Tags are currently available only to individual researchers and aren't shared with your team. Shared tags will be coming later.

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