What types of articles are available on DeepDyve?

The DeepDyve digital library has three levels of access to content:

  1. The LitStream collection
  2. The Open Access collection
  3. The Download Only collection

The LitStream Collection

These articles would normally be behind a publisher paywall. However, with DeepDyve you may read the full text of these articles on our platform (but not download/purchase without an additional copyright fee paid to the publisher). 

The Open Access Collection

This refers to journals and articles that are available under an Open Access (OA) copyright license. Most OA articles can be read and downloaded, stored in folders, annotated, and printed, all through the DeepDyve platform.  Some OA articles that have a more limited copyright license and are freely available on the publisher website. In those instances, DeepDyve provides an external link to the journal to access the free article there.

The Download Only Collection

If we don't have a deal with a publisher to supply their paywalled content, you can still read the text on DeepDyve by downloading and purchasing the article through our platform. The article citation information and abstract (where  available) will be displayed alongside a link for purchasing.

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