DeepDyve's Reference Manager

Now you can use the references you've collected in DeepDyve to enter citations directly into Word documents as you write.

Add references to Word documents as you write

Gathering references

The Reference Manager pulls from articles you've saved in DeepDyve folders, so if you haven't done that yet, start there. Articles don't need to be part of our LitStream collection to be saved in folders or used in our Reference Manager; metadata from other articles can be saved as well.

Installing the Reference Manager

  1. In Microsoft Word, click "Insert" and "Get Add-ins".

  1. Search for "DeepDyve" and select "Add"

  1. You'll see a DeepDyve logo to the right of your toolbar. You can click this to open up the reference manager.

Setting up the Reference Manager

  1. Click the DeepDyve icon in Microsoft Word to open up the Reference Manager
  2. The first time you use it you will need to log into your DeepDyve account to connect them
  3. If you haven't put articles in folders, start there
  4. In the Reference Manager, in the Settings tab, select the style you'd like to use for formatting your citations— you can change it later
  5. Hit "Refresh Data" to make sure your latest saved articles are available

Inserting in-text citations

  1. To put an in-text citation in your Microsoft Word document, move the cursor to where you'd like it to go
  2. In the Reference Manager, in the References tab, start typing the name, author, or journal name of a reference you want
  3. Select the proper reference
  4. Enter page numbers, if any, and select "Insert Inline Citation"

Preparing your bibliography

  1. When you are ready to insert your bibliography, go to the end of the document
  2. In Reference Manager, in the References tab, click "Update Bibliography"
  3. Additional citations you add to the document after creating the bibliography will appear automatically

Updating styles

If you want to change the styles used to format your references for a particular document, go to the Settings tab in the Reference Manager and select the new style. The in-text citations and bibliography will update automatically.

To see the Reference Manager in action, watch this video:

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