Running a basic search

Keyword search

The search bar at the top of every DeepDyve page can be used to do basic searches. 

You can put in keywords such as article title/topic, journal name, or article author. You can also search for the article's unique DOI (digital object identifier) or PMID (PubMed ID). 

Journal search

Journal searches in the search bar will trigger a filter that shows available journals matching the search as you type. If you see the journal you're looking for, click on it to be taken to a listing of all the articles for that journal.

Search results

After you do a search you'll come to a screen that shows results from DeepDyve's collection; there are also several ways to refine your search results and quickly scan through the listings.

The sections are shown below:

  1. How many journal articles your search yielded
  2. A link to see eBooks related to your search
  3. A link to add your search to tracked Search Alerts
  4. If you are using our Enterprise platform, results from your Research Archive of purchased PDFs show up here
  5. Results from our LitStream and Open Access collections
  6. Article access type and a link to quickly view the abstract and citation info
  7. Filters you can use to refine your results further

    Refining your search

    In the left sidebar of the search results page are different filters you can use to refine your search.

    Article status

    By default your results show LitStream and OpenAccess articles, which are available for reading with your subscription. You can also tick the box to include Download Only articles, which are articles that must be purchased to read. If you don't find any articles for a particular search, try clicking the "Download Only" filter to expand the search.

    Source type

    By default you see results from all sources; you can click here to narrow it down just to articles indexed from PubMed.


    By default your search results show articles from all time; you can quickly click to limit it to more recent articles or put in a custom time frame.

    Sort order

    By default your search results will be delivered based on relevance; you can click to change it to show you newer or older articles first.

    Journal source

    By default your search results show you articles from all journals; however, if you have selected journals to follow in My Journals you can limit your results to just articles from those journals.

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