Adjusting your article view

The top of DeepDyve's enhanced reader has a variety of ways for you to zoom in or out, move quickly to a desired page, go full screen, or otherwise adjust your view of the article:

Navigate thumbnails

Clicking the thumbnail icon opens up a sidebar with thumbnails of all the article pages. You can quickly move through the pages to find the one you want.

Navigate by page number

Next to the thumbnail icon is a control that lets you either enter the page number you want or use arrows to quickly move through the article:

Change page layout

The gear icon allows you to change how the page is laid out: you can switch one single page to side-by-side; change the transition between pages; and rotate the pages:

Zoom in and out

The hand icon allows you to zoom in and out on a page:

Go into full screen mode

If you want to focus on the article or expand the visual field, you can put it into full screen mode. The full screen icon does this with one click; hit "ESC" on your keyboard to return to normal mode.

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