Finding article citation data

If you want to cite an article you've found in DeepDyve in your research, you can get your citation from DeepDyve or export it in several standard formats. You can get citation info for individual articles or for whole groups of articles.

Citations for one article from the article page

To pull citation information for one particular article, visit the article page and click on "Cite":

You'll be presented with two standard citation formats. You can also choose to export the citation information to EndNote or in RIS format, which is used by several reference managers:

Select the format you want and copy it.

Citations for one article from the search results page

On the search results page, each listing has a link called "Quick View" that lets you quickly see the abstract and other info about the article:

On this quick view page, click the quote icons and you'll arrive at the same citation options as above:

Citations for multiple articles

If you'd like citations on for multiple articles at the same time, place the articles in a shared or individual folder. Then visit the folder in My Library and click on "Cite Folder":

Select the format and information you want, and download:

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