Creating and sharing annotations

Do you want to comment on an article, highlight passages, or circle important data? With DeepDyve's annotation tools you can mark up articles directly in your browser as easily as writing on a piece of paper. The annotation tools are located on the top right of the enhanced reader:

Creating annotations

The first tool allows you to draw arrows, lines, shapes, or freeform marks. Clicking the tool you want brings up commands unique to each tool that let you change the color of the ink and background fill, opacity, or thickness, and also gives you blending effects.

The next tool is a highlighter. You can freeform or select specific text:

The last tool lets you create free text on the page, leave collapsible sticky notes (which are unsigned and show up on the text where you've placed it), or add comments (which show up to the side and are stamped with the name and time of the commenter and allow for responding comments):

You can also highlight any text within the article to see a range of quick annotation actions. You can highlight the text, strike it, underline it, or leave a comment:

Saving annotations

All your annotations are saved automatically; there is no need to hit a save button.

Modifying or deleting annotations

To modify or delete an annotation, click on the note, text, or mark you'd like to change. Tools to let you change the look and feel will appear on the top left. If you want to delete the annotation, either click the trash can icon or hit the delete key on your keyboard.

Sharing annotations

If you have an enterprise account, you can share annotations with colleagues. To use this feature, click the “Share My Annotations” button at the top of the enhanced reader:

You'll be prompted to enter a title for the annotations, because you can share different versions with different teams. Enter emails for the people you want to share the annotations with, and then check whether you'd like to share the current set of annotations or start with a clean document:

Viewing your annotated articles

In order to switch between your personal annotations and those you've shared with others, use the pulldown at the top of the document:

You can also visit the "Annotated Articles" section of My Library to see and search all your annotated articles in one place:

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