Open Access content on DeepDyve

The DeepDyve Digital Library and Open Access (OA) both make research easier to find and read, but in different ways.

From our earliest days, we’ve aggregated content from major OA publishers that use the CC BY license, such as PLOS, in order to provide our subscribers with the convenience of having as much relevant content as possible at their fingertips on our service. We currently have over 30 million OA articles in our collection. These articles can be read and downloaded by all DeepDyve subscribers.
There may be situations in which a publisher has made an article open access, but has not provided us clarity as to the type of license they are using. In those cases, they may offer the article for free on their site, but we have not been able to aggregate it into our collection. If you see an article you'd like to read on DeepDyve, but it's not part of our Open Access or LitStream collections (or you'd like to download the PDF), it's worth checking the article on the publisher site to see if it's available. Click the Details tab, which will have a link to the article on the publisher site.

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