How do I follow a journal?

If there are specific journals you are interested in seeing, you can follow them in DeepDyve and see new articles published there. There are three ways to do this:

Follow a journal from search results

On the search results page, you can click the orange "+" button next to a journal's name to follow it:

Follow a journal from the article page

If you are reading an article, you can also click the "+" after the journal's name at the top of the page:

Add a journal in the "My Journals" section of My Library

To see the journals you've followed, go to the "My Journals" section of My Library. From there you can click on individual journals to see the latest articles, or you can search for new journals to add.

BONUS: Filter search results by followed journals

By default when you search for an article your search results show you articles from all journals; however, if you have selected journals to follow in My Journals you can limit your results to just articles from those journals using one of the filter in the left sidebar:

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